ArcticOrange - New central lubrication grease


Hydroscand is now launching a new central lubrication grease. It has a soft structure and high viscosity index which makes it well suited for pumping in a central lubrication system. The grease is called ArcticOrange and is a low temperature grease that has been tested in temperatures below -30°C with unchanged pumpability.

Hydroscand’s new grease, ArcticOrange, has a high temperature range due to its high viscosity index (180). This means that you can use ArcticOrange all year around.

The central lubrication grease is synthetic and adapted to low temperatures and arctic conditions. The grease is designed to maintain its physical and chemical structure as well as lubricating properties down to -58°C. ArticOrange has excellent water resistance, which is important for extreme weather condidtions

Included within the grease is an thickening agent that functions as a natural EP-reinforcement. Additives for AW (Anti wear) protect metal surfaces from wear, even at lower temperatures than regular EP additives.

The grease is available in two different sizes:

82586018 ArcticOrange Central Lubrication Grease -58°C 18kg Bucket

82586004 ArcticOrange Central Lubrication Grease -58°C 400g tube