Customer satisfaction survey participation resulted in donation to Hydroscand’s school project in South Africa


Hydroscand recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey to understand how to better meet customer needs and drive future development together with them. In addition to valuable feedback from their customers, the survey resulted in a nice donation to the company's school project in South Africa.

For each respons to the customer satisfaction survey, Hydroscand donated 10 SEK to the company's school project in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Due to the fact that so many customers took the time to respond to the survey, Hydroscand has now donated a substantial amount to the school project in Appelsbosch, where Hydroscand is working to develop Inqolayolwazi Primary School.

"Hydroscand would like to thank all customers who have contributed with their time and thereby donated money to the project in South Africa. At the same time, they have provided us with valuable feedback that can help us bring Hydroscand to new heights," said Marcus Larsson, President of Hydroscand Group.

The commitment to develop the primary school in South Africa was initiated during the spring in 2011 when Hydroscand started operations in the country. While spending time there, Björn Holmström, founder of Hydroscand, together with his wife Kaisa-Lena Holmström took a tour in South Africa where they visited the village Appelsbosch in KwaZulu Natal and the Inqolayolwazi Primary School.

Björn and Kaisa were deeply concerned because the school was very neglected and the classrooms were overcrowded with children. But at the same time, they were surprised by the enthusiasm of the children to be educated.

Björn then decided that Hydroscand would donate money to build a new facility with new classrooms for the children. Since then, much has happened to the school which has improved the everyday life for the students at Inqolayolwazi Primary School.