Hydroscand extends the range of spiral hoses


Hydroscand extends the assortment with three new, flexible, easy-mounted spiral hoses. The three hoses are designed for different pressure classes, 280 bar, 350 bar and 420 bar, making it easy to choose the right hose - regardless of dimension. With ISOBAR spiral hoses, it's easy to make a safe and economical choice.

The three ISOBAR hoses have clear labeling, that includes a specified pressure class:

ISOBAR 280 CO ROCK X-HP (Part No. 1020-84)

ISOBAR 350 CO ROCK X-HP (Part No. 1020-85)

ISOBAR 420 CO ROCK X-HP (Part No. 1020-86)

To meet the needs of the modern hydraulic solutions, which are becoming more and more compact, the hoses are designed to be very flexible and durable. The extreme flexibility of the ISOBAR hoses makes them very smooth and fast to install even in narrow spaces. This means that the ISOBAR hoses helps you save time and effort.

The ISOBAR hoses are ideal for applications with very high demands on high flows and high pressures. They are completely non-skive in several dimensions. Together with couplings from the 47-series, they cater to the needs of the market today.

All of the above hoses are MSHA-approved and can withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to + 121 ° C. They also exceed the requirements of the SAE standard.