New MD of Hydroscand AB (Sweden) and Hydroscand A/S (Denmark) 


The board of Hydroscand AB has appointed Pontus Nygren as new Managing Director of Hydroscand in Sweden and Denmark.

Hydroscand's board has appointed a new MD for Hydroscand AB and Hydroscand A / S. The new MD is Pontus Nygren, who has worked at Hydroscand since 1995. During his employment, he has had many different positions, most recently that of Marketing and Sales Manager for Hydroscand AB and Hydroscand A/S. Now it is time for Pontus to take on his next challenge within the company.

"Pontus has made a solid contribution throughout the years as Marketing and Sales Manager and achieved extremely good results. I am very pleased that Pontus accepted the challenge and I look forward to working even more closely with him in the future, "says Marcus Larsson, President and CEO of Hydroscand Group.

"It will be exciting to start a new journey within the company, which is now in a strong growth phase. I am pleased to get the board's confidence and look forward to continue working closely with Marcus in the process of rolling out our new corporate strategy and taking Hydroscand to new heights," says Pontus Nygren.

Pontus assumed his new position as of May 1st, 2018.