Group Management

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is appointed by the Board and has overall responsibility for Hydroscand Group. Besides the CEO, our operational management consists of the Group Management Team and certain country MDs.

Group Management Team

Hydroscand is a decentralized company, with profit and loss responsibility as close as possible to our customers. The Group Management Team is appointed by the CEO and consists of business leaders from our major markets as well as heads of certain Group functions. The Group Management Team has overall responsibiliy for joint strategic matters and coordination of Group initiatives to enable more efficient operations and higher output.

 Frida Norrbom Sams

Joined Hydroscand in 2019 from NKT Group, where she served as EVP and Head of the Applications division. Before that, Frida held leading positions in Husqvarna and Sanitec.

  Mikael Arkevret

Joined Hydroscand in 2003 and has held various management positions within finance and Hydroscand Sweden. Hydroscand Group CFO since February 2018.

  Arvid Johansson

Group CIO since Jan 2020. Before joining Hydroscand, Arvid held the position as CIO at BrandFactory, and has previously been CIO at SATS and Lidl Sweden.

  Pontus Nygren

MD Sweden and Denmark
Joined Hydroscand in 1995 and has been MD Sweden and Denmark since 2018. Before that, Pontus managed marketing and sales operations in Sweden and Denmark.

  Magne Høyland

MD Norway

Joined Hydroscand in 1984 and has held the position as MD Norway since 2002. Before the MD role, Magne managed Hydroscand's operations in Stavanger.

 Kalle Solba

Head of East Europe

Kalle has a long history with Hydroscand and has played a key role in successfully building Hydroscand’s presence in the Baltics and the eastern countries.

 Jonas Sandberg

Business Area Manager OEM
Joined Hydroscand in 1997 and has a long career within OEM production in Sweden, China and Czech Republic.

  Patrik Tidebrant

Joined Hydroscand as Chief Business Development Officer in 2018 following senior management consulting roles at Boston Consulting Group.

  Markus Gyllenstrand

Joined Hydroscand as Chief Procurement Officer in 2018 following senior management consulting roles at Boston Consulting Group.
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