Core Values

Our core values have been forged through 50 years of experience. They embody who we are as a company, inspire us, act as a guiding light for daily decisions, ensuring we speak and act consistently across the Group.

Our daily commitment to the following values makes Hydroscand Group and our employees outstanding.

Customer focus

We consider the customer in everything we do and strive to always exceed our customer’s expectations


We take pride in always delivering high quality products and services that we stand behind


Local entrepreneurship is part of our DNA and this together with strong group support in a global company, makes us strong and quick to react


We always offer differentiated, affordable services and solutions and we always focus on profitability for both the customer and ourselves


We are the most innovative company in our industry and always curious to find new solutions and services for our customers


We strive to go beyond our statutory obligations to be a good force in the society, create a safe working place and minimize our impact on the environment
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