50th anniversary: Additional support to Hydroscand's school project

Hydroscand celebrates its 50th anniversary by launching a fund and donating an anniversary gift to Hydroscand's school project in Appelsbosch, South Africa.

Since 2011, Hydroscand has been committed to improving the conditions for children in a school and preschool in South Africa. In conjunction with the 50th anniversary, Hydroscand is taking the next step in the commitment by launching the Inqolayolwazi School Project Fund to help more people get involved in the project.

As an anniversary gift, Hydroscand is now donating a larger sum to the newly started fund. A fund that will be used for scholarships that enable further studies for ambitious students and for individual needs and practicalities needed for their future studies.

“This fund will go so far as to change many children’s futures, for some who receive a scholarship, their lives may never be the same again and they will have the opportunity to achieve more than they ever imagined possible, this fund is a life-changer,” says JJ Fourie, MD of Hydroscand in South Africa.

JJ Fourie was honored to personally hand over donation checks on site in South Africa, which is also shown in the film that describes the development and significance of the school project. The film can be viewed on Hydroscand's website.

“We were absolutely delighted to receive such a generous donation towards the Scholarship Fund from Hydroscand on their 50th Anniversary. This means that we can support more scholars to attend better equipped schools and so have a better chance to go to Tertiary level studies," says Edna Freese, who is involved in the school project on site in South Africa, together with her husband Louise Freese. Louise agrees and adds:

“Out of 12 scholars we already have two girls at university (studying Meteorology and Accountancy) and one at college. Only us Africans understand what it means for the rural poor people to be able to progress to undreamed of levels of education, and this opens doors to well paid jobs and the ability to support their families and siblings at home. Thanks to Hydroscand!”

In addition to the fund, which will support the children at an individual level, Hydroscand's commitment to develop and improve the school and preschool in Appelsbosch continues. A commitment that is important to the founder, Björn Holmström.

"With the help of dedicated people, who are committed to the project in South Africa, we have been able to improve prospects for many children in Kwazulu-Natal. But there is still much to be done. Therefore, it feels good that we are taking another step by starting the fund in connection with our 50th anniversary,” says Björn Holmström, founder and owner of Hydroscand.

Christabel Ngcobo is the principal of Inqolayolwazi School and has been involved since the project started.

“May I take this opportunity to thank Hydroscand and all other sponsors who have been supporting our learners since 2012. We are delighted that you are continuing to support our learners. The scholarship is used to support vulnerable learners with uniform, pay for educational excursions for those who are unable to pay for themselves because of their financial status and also for the best learner in grade 7 to go to the best high school for better education," says Christabel Ngcobo and explains that they have already started to evaluate which students are most in need of support.

“We are glad to say that we will now identify at least two learners who will benefit from this scholarship. This will also help our learners to achieve their goals, which means a great change in their life as well as that of our community. We are truly honored that our school is a recipient of the scholarship. Our students’ educational pursuits would not be possible without your generous support. Thank you for enabling our students this opportunity," concludes Christabel.

On the picture from the left: JJ Fourie,  Christabel Ngcobo, Edna Freese and Louis Freese.

Published at: 17-09-2019
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