Hydroscand donates a Christmas gift to support families in South Africa

Corona restrictions and distance learning have made life difficult for school children in South Africa, as many children lack access to internet at home. The longer the social distancing and lockdown is in place, the bigger the learning losses will be for children that are dependent on classroom education at school. The Christmas donations were given to the schools’ pupils and their families to support them in these difficult times.

”On behalf of the community, the parents as well as the pupils I would like to thank Hydroscand who has sponsored the blankets and the food parcels. It is highly appreciated and it will be a marvelous help for an enjoyable Christmas. Thank you so much“ says Christabel Ngcobo principal at Inqolayolwazi Primary School.

Parents to the pupils have shared their letters of appreciation “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for the gifts you have given children at Inqolayolwazi Primary School […] thank you so for the good work you do for us as family and the community of Appelbosch”

For many years, Hydroscand supports various activities in Inqolayolwazi school and preschool in Appelsbosch. Wanting to make a larger and broader impact for children in the area, Hydroscand also awards scholarships annually to the school's best student or students. The scholarship gives the student an opportunity to complete his or her education at upper secondary level, financed by Hydroscand. Due to Corona restrictions no scholarship has been awarded in 2020, so in 2021 we will award the double amount.

“Education empowers, and we are fortunate to be able to contribute by helping children in Appelsbosch and elsewhere to benefit from eduction” says our CEO, Frida Norrbom Sams.

Hydroscand would also like to send our warmest regards and appreciation to Edna and Louis Freese, for organizing the donation, together with the people in Appelsbosch.

Published at: 22-12-2020
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