Hydroscand donates a Christmas gift to support families in South Africa

Since 2011, Hydroscand has been engaged in a school and preschool in Appelsbosch, South Africa. We support various development projects, with the goal that children should have a better everyday life and a more secure future. During the current pandemic, Hydroscand's commitment has become more important than ever. In South Africa, the current pandemic with restrictions, closures, low vaccination coverage and distance learning, has made life much more difficult for the children in the school that Hydroscand supports. Distance education means a great loss of knowledge for many children who do not have access to the internet in their home. In addition, the situation in South Africa has now worsened, further following the discovery of the coronavirus variant omicron. We decided to give a Christmas gift to families in Appelsbosch /Ozwathini, who are most in need of support. “The donation will be used to buy food for the families during this hard time of Covid-19. Most parents lost their jobs through the unrest. We are so grateful and all what you have done is never taken for granted”, adds Christabel Ngcobo, principal at Inqolayolwazi Primary School. For the past 10 years, Hydroscand has been involved in Inqolayolwazi Primary School and the associated preschool in Appelsbosch, South Africa. During these years, Hydroscand has, among other things, supported the students with better IT equipment and broadband, better air conditioning, built several classrooms, created inspiring outdoor environments that promote movement and play, and renovated the school's toilets. Hydroscand also annually awards scholarships to the school's best student or students. The scholarship gives students the opportunity to complete their education at the high school level, fully funded by Hydroscand. "Education is the foundation for a secure future. It means a lot to us to be able to contribute to the children at Inqolayolwazi Primary School, for them to get a good foundation," says Frida Norrbom Sams, CEO of Hydroscand Group. She would also like to thank the persons who help Hydroscand in the school project, on site in South Africa. “We would like to express our appreciation to Edna and Louis Freese, who help Hydroscand make our shared dreams a reality. Thank you for helping to organize the donation together with Christabel and the enthusiasts, who are involved in the development of the school in Appelsbosch.”

Published at: 21-12-2021
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