Launching HoseExpress Motorcycle

Shorter response time and better coverage in difficult terrain. Hydroscand HoseExpress Motorcycle adds a new dimension to the HoseExpress offering and allows us to get even closer to our customers.

Hydroscand Sweden is now offering onsite hose repair and maintenance service from a motorcycle. First launched in Stockholm, the service will be extended to other suitable cities and a number of the twenty countries where Hydroscand is represented today.

HoseExpress Motorcycle is a smart solution that enables Hydroscand to help customers more efficiently, even in difficult terrain, where the standard service vans may have trouble getting through. It will also enable Hydroscand to shorten the response times to customers during peak hours, which is well needed in Stockholm, where the traffic situation has big impact on response times.

 “HoseExpress Motocycle will give us the tools we need to be able to quickly help our customers with common problems - even in Stockholm's worst rush traffic. We are constantly working to shorten response times and increase accessibility for HoseExpress. This is one of the measures we have taken to develop the service further” says Leif Clevesjö, concept manager for HoseExpress at Hydroscand in Sweden.

The motorcycle will be equipped with the most common hoses and fittings as well as a hose crimping machine and the tools required to assembly and mount hoses on site. If something is missing, the service technician on the motorcycle can pick it up from the closest Hydroscand branch.

Published at: 14-05-2019
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