Hydroscand opens new branch in Iceland

Hydroscand has grown rapidly in recent years and is already represented in 18 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Now the Swedish company is starting operations in Iceland as well, with a branch in Reykjavik.

Hydroscand continues its expansive journey and will soon open a branch in Reykjavik, Iceland. The branch will open in April and the new establishment means that Hydroscand is represented in 19 countries, worldwide.

"Iceland is an interesting market to start up Hydroscand's business. There is a strong demand for hose service in the fishing industry, agriculture and construction. The first step is to open up a store in Reykjavik and the next step is to roll out our mobile hose service, HoseExpress, which can help customers on site, even outside Reykjavik,” says Magne Høyland, Managing Director of Hydroscand Norway and responsible for the establishment.

Hydroscand's new branch in Reykjavik is managed by Gunnar Örn Hjartarson.

“I am excited to take on the challenge of establishing Hydroscand in Iceland. This is the start of a great journey to become Iceland's nearest hose service,” says Gunnar Örn Hjartarson.


Published at: 26-03-2019
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