Aftermarket services

We offer a wide range of differentiated and affordable services, always strategically positioned to support our customers operations and minimize downtime. In many of our markets, we are available 24/7.

Since Hydroscand was born in 1969 we have always stayed true to our cause – being close to our customers.
Our aftermarket branch network consist of more than 240 branches in 20 countries, we have over 140 mobile service units under the Hydroscand HoseExpress brand, and we offer both mobile and stationary on-site solutions through HoseOnSite. With our global network and knowledgeable staff, we offer an extensive portfolio of services such as preventive maintenance, machine service, pipe bending, and training services for customer personnel. With Hydroscand's TrackingCode, we offer a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain traceability of your hoses and fluid components.
Our aftermarket channels:


Complete product range, extensive service offering and knowledgeable staff ready to help out

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On-site 24/7 service by our skilled technicians, from acute repairs to preventive maintenance

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Reduce downtime with on-site solutions - complete hose workshops equipped to suit your needs

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Newly launched e-commerce platform for hoses, fittings and related solutions (Sweden only)

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Learn more about some of our popular aftermarket services below.


Unique identification code – ensure undisrupted operation and reduce downtime. Should the hose break, we just need the TrackingCode to reproduce the same hose and rush it to you.

Preventive maintenance

Customers who schedule routine inspections and maintenance of their equipment experience less downtime, reduce operational expenses and ultimately improve business performance.

Pipe bending

We specialize in hydraulic pipes of all kinds, but we also carry out bending of welded industrial pipes and furniture pipes.

Machine service

Let our certified technicians service your hose assembly equipment. We conduct repairs, preventive maintenance and calibration to ensure safe and qualitative hose assemblies.

Inventory management

VMI solutions and automatic service of customer inventory – we take care of the entire supply chain so you can focus on your business.
Contact Hydroscand in your local market to find the service and solution you need.
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