With Hydroscand's mobile workshops, you can reduce the time for costly, accidental downtime and instead be well-prepared when maintenance is planned.

We offer both stationary and mobile hose workshops, tailored to your specific needs.


Stationary HoseOnSite

On large infrastructure construction sites, downtime due to machine failure can be extremely costly, especially in remote areas. With HoseOnSite you do not have to go away, instead you can fix your hydraulic applications quickly wherever you are.

Hydroscand's Stationary HoseOnSite solution is a complete hose workshop in a 20-foot container. It is equipped with all the machines, accessories and products you need to be able to repair and maintain your hoses and related components.


Mobile HoseOnSite

Mobile HoseOnSite is a flexible and compact hose workshop on wheels equipped with machines, products and accessories according to your needs.



When setting up HoseOnSite, we always provide training conducted by Hydroscand personnel. Together we go through the products, how everything work and how to handle the machinery. If needed, Hydroscand can also assist with staff who carry out the work altogether.


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