At Hydroscand, we always work to ensure quality, safety and sustainable long-term development for our customers, their users and for ourselves. Quality is one of our core values, a strategic priority and a mindset that affects all processes in our company.

Over the past 50 years Hydroscand has always been equally comitted to quality, and we always strive to be considered the quality leader in our industry. To achieve this, our quality work must be conducted actively and continuously over time, both locally and on Group level. All our employees are keenly aware of the necessity to follow quality assured ways of working to meet our customers' expectations. Our products have been through rigorous testing in our state of the art testing laboratory before reaching the market.

Quality work

Our internal processes, audits, measurements and management systems are designed to ensure we meet, or exceed, our customers’ expectations on quality. Through structured quality management work, we create a platform for developing safe, sustainable and innovative products, services and solutions for our customers.


Quality products

Our hoses and fluid connectors are thoroughly tested in our modern testing laboratory. As a customer you can always feel safe when buying a product from Hydroscand. Read more about our rigorous testing procedures by following the link to Hydroscand Design and Test Center (HDTC).


ISO 9001 quality certification

Hydroscand Sweden first obtained quality certification in 1999, as one of the first companies in our industry. Today, several Hydroscand country units are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


All our hoses and fluid connectors are subject to rigorous testing procedures in our modern internal testing lab (HDTC). As a customer you can feel safe when you buy a product from Hydroscand.

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Before a new product reaches the market, it must pass a series of tough product tests to ensure the integrity and performance of our products

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Our global sourcing team is always looking for new suppliers who share our values and comittment to quality

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