Special Hoses

At Hydroscand Special Hoses, we assemble couplings and components on special hoses such as Spiro Star hoses, metal tubing and composite hoses. Everything is produced on site in Motala, which results in short lead times.

Installing couplings and components on specialist hoses such as metal tubing, Spiro Star hoses and composite hoses requires special expertise and we have gathered this expertise at Hydroscand Special Hoses in Motala.

Quick deliveries

In collaboration with Hydroscand's branches in Sweden, Special Hoses provides fast and customer-friendly service. Hydroscand Special Hoses produces everything on-site, which results in short lead times and we can often deliver as early as the next day.


Special production

The staff at Special Hoses are used to working with very special projects and requirements for the design of hoses and pipe components. We work with you as a customer to produce drawings in CAD. When the drawings are approved, we produce the customized couplings in our CNC lathes and then we carry out the montage on the hose.


Qualified welders

All the welders working at Special Hoses hold welding test certificates in accordance with EN 287-1, which conforms to our product range.


Unique labelling

All hoses from Hydroscand Special Hoses are provided with a unique label that is filed, which considerably simplifies the subsequent order process. All hoses are leak-tested and are delivered according to the customer's wishes with a pressure testing certificate.


Products manufactured at Special Hoses in Motala are certified according to ISO 3834-2: 2005 and DNV/GL.



NV GL Certificate ISO 3834-2





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