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In 1969, Hydroscand started its first branch in Sweden and has since then developed into a global group with operations in 20 countries. Success also comes with a responsibility and an opportunity to influence - something that Hydroscand takes very seriously.

Hydroscand's School Project

Hydroscand works actively to support various activities in Appelsbosch, South Africa, where we engage in the school and preschool. Hydroscand also awards scholarships annually to the school's best student or students. The scholarship gives the student an opportunity to complete his or hers education at upper secondary level, financed by Hydroscand. This commitment has changed, and will continue to change, the prospects for many children in Appelsbosch.

In the spring of 2011, Hydroscand established business in South Africa by acquiring a company based in Johannesburg. In connection with this Hydroscand visited the village of Appelsbosch, in Kwazulu-Natal, where representatives from the company were shown around at Inqolayolwazi Primary School. The school was neglected and the classrooms overcrowded by students. The visitors were concerned about the condition of the school, but also surprised by the children's enthusiasm for being educated, despite the stressful school environment.

It emerged that the school was in a difficult financial situation and would not be granted public funds to build more classrooms and hire more teachers. There and then, the decision was made that Hydroscand would donate the money needed to establish a new building with new classrooms. This was the start of Hydroscand's involvement in the school and what would later also include the preschool and scholarships.

Three new classrooms takes shape

When the church and local companies were told about Hydroscand's donation, they started a collection which resulted in enough capital to build a third classroom. Louis and Edna Freese run a farm in Appelsbosch. When they learned about the initiative, they volunteered to lead the construction project. The construction of the new classrooms was carried out by local entrepreneurs with strong support from the schoolchildren's parents and the farmers in the area.

The new school building turned out to be much better than the previous premises, in fact so good that the Ministry of Education chose to finance a minor renovation of the older buildings. Hydroscand's involvement resulted in three new classrooms where students and teachers can work in a good teaching environment.

Sports plans and libraries for stimulation and play

The next step was to create more space for physical activities and to acquire materials for inspiration, creativity and learning. Thanks to a donation from Hydroscand, the school was also able to invest in new books for the school library. Teachers and management worked together to carefully select relevant books and other teaching materials for the pupils at Inqolayolwazi Primary School.

The fields around the school, which had not previously been used, leveled out and grass areas were created so that the pupils would have the opportunity to exercise sport and other physical activity. This is a priority area for Inqolayolwazi Primary School, which is a health-promoting school.

The air conditioning in the computer room, which worked poorly, was replaced and an investment was made in new computers and tablets.

Finally, new drains and drainage were added to remove water and a new road to the school was built.

Support to preschool gives future pupils a good foundation

During the course of the project, the importance of a good foundation for the future students was discussed. The environment and the educational level of the nearby preschool were not good. The children were unstimulated and poorly prepared to start school.

Hydroscand decided to contribute to an improvement of the environment at the preschool, as well. The contribution was enough to renovate the preschool's existing premises and to build a new house to make room for more children and activities. In addition, new toilets could be built, the outdoor environment could be improved and a climbing frame and swings were placed in the yard.

Scholarships for a brighter future

Together with external donors, Hydroscand has paid five years of high school studies for a number of students who was graduated with the best results in their grade. Every year, Hydroscand awards a new scholarship to enable ambitious students to continue their studies..

Our first scholar Zama has just completed the first year at the University of Durban with approval in all subjects, which means that she can continue the second year. Zama was already granted a university grant when Zama received Hydroscand's scholarship. Instead Hydroscand supported Zama with funds for other expenses that are linked to her continuing studies.

The comittment continues

During 2019 and 2020, Hydroscand will award more scholarships to students with good results. We also plan a number of further measures for the school and preschool. Hydroscand will, among other things, finance the renovation of the toilets at the school, purchase new computers, build more sports areas around the school and improve the existing sport fields.


On the school's website you will fins more information about the school.


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