Hydroscand AB and Camozzi initiates new cooperation


Hydroscand AB is now initiating a cooperation with the Italian pneumatic company Camozzi Pneumatik AB. The new collaboration means that Hydroscand will sell, market and distribute Camozzi products in Scandinavia.

"Hydroscand recognizes Camozzi as a strong partner, based on their ownership and organization. They offer Hydroscand an assortment that is well adapted to several of our customer segments and meets our quality demands, "says Mats Nilsson, CEO of Hydroscand Group. Mats furthers that the new cooperation enables Hydroscand's investment in the compressed air category, which is a must to meet the market demands and needs of today.

Camozzi's Scandinavian CEO, Kai Ovesson, also recognizes the benefits of this cooperation;

 "For Camozzi, the cooperation implies a stronger market position. Hydroscand has the ability to bring our products closer to the customers and offer the required availability on the market.”

The cooperation will commence during the autumn, which Hydroscand's scandinavian customers will notice in the form of a wider product range in the pneumatic area. Camozzi's broad expertise, together with Hydroscand's proximity to the customers, also means increased service levels and availability for new and existing customers.

In the picture above, from left to right: Marco Camozzi, MD Camozzi SpA, Mats Nilsson, CEO Hydroscand Group and Kai Ovesson, CEO Camozzi Scandinavia.