Hydroscand-branded tape available now


There are now three new high quality tapes available in the Hydroscand assortment: cloth tape, electrical tape and vulcanising tape.

All of these can be used in most environments to quickly seal a hose, get a good grip or fix different parts with each other.

Hydroscand's cloth tape is easy to use, has very good adhesive quality and resistance to water. Easily torn by hand.

Hydroscand’s vulcanising tape is an insulating and sealing tape that  withstands temperatures from -40 ° C to +90 ° C. The tape has excellent resistance to long-term water exposure and is ideal for temporary repair of leaks on pipes and hoses.

Hydroscand's electrical tape has outstanding adhesive qualitiy, even on low energy surfaces. It has a non-corrosive adhesive with good resistance to water, weak acids and bases, most solvents and oils. UV-resistant.

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