Hydroscand - the main player in mobile hose service in Denmark


When Hydroscand opened a new store in Odense on September 18th, the tenth HoseExpress service van began to roll on Funen island. The installation of this tenth service van means that Hydroscand is now the main player in mobile hose service in Denmark.

HoseExpress is Hydroscand’s on call mobile hose service, which means that customers are helped on site with the replacement of hoses and couplings. The new service van will serve Hydroscand's customers on Funen and is staffed by service technician Benjamin Ellehauge.

"Our ten SlangExpress service vans, combined with our six respective stores, brings us closer to our customers in Denmark. It’s really good to know that we now can offer our customers on Funen the same accessibility as our customers in Zealand and Jutland", says Kim Bender, Sales Manager at Hydroscand in Denmark.

Hydroscand's on call service HoseExpress is now almost nationwide in Denmark. In Zealand, Hydroscand's HoseExpress service vans depart from Copenhagen/Herlev and from Köge. In Jutland, the vans depart from Aalborg, Aarhus and Frederica - and now a van from Odense is taking place to serve the customers on Funen.

Hydroscand's mobile hose service vans are equipped with machines and couplings for hose manufacturing up to 2". The equipment of the buses is always adapted to the needs of the local customers and market.

In the picture above, from left: Henrik Skjellerup, Service Manager, HoseExpress Denmark and Kim Bender, Sales Manager Denmark