Hydroscand sponsors innovative architecture project at Swedish university


Hydroscand recently contributed to a workshop that was conducted at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. The workshop was a collaboration between non-profit association Studio NOCK and the university for all Architecture and Architecture and Engineering first year students.

The workshop was called "RÖR" (“PIPES”) and focused on materials that are common in architectural contexts, but rarely allowed to play the lead role.

Students were given the task of studying the attributes and benefits of their assigned materials including a 200 m vacuum hose, delivered by one of Hydroscand’s four branches in Gothenburg.

The task then was to create spatial installations of materials that are otherwise hidden in installations, to highlight these materials as a visible part of a design.

"A pipe or hose has a clearly defined aesthetic value. Using existing materials in other contexts than it was made for, is a new approach to sustainability and recycling", says Naima Callenberg at Studio NOCK.

The result of the workshop was presented on September 1st in an exhibition at Chalmers University of Technology. Unfortunately, the exhibition was not open to the public, but we can still offer photos of the architect's creations. By clicking on the links below you can see more photos from the exhibition.

On Hydroscand’s part, it's has truly been exciting to be a part of such a visionary project.

Read and see more from the workshop RÖR and the exhibition here:

Photos from the exhibition on the Studio NOCK's website.

Photos from the exhibition on the Studio NOCK's instagram.

Studio NOCK is a meeting place for architecture, an exhibition venue and a hub in the city where active and architectural-minded citizens can meet. The project is initiated by the architects Naima Callenberg and Agnes Gidenstam.