New! Improved TLX quick release couplings


The new TLX quick release couplings are now in stock at the main warehouse. On all newly built TLX couplings, the pin holes are placed at the rear, which improves the locking function

The TLX is a robust, leak-proof hydraulic coupling. It is adapted to handle extremely high shock flows, which is the common reason for malfunctioning screw-joint couplings in heavy duty applications.

It is made of high strength steel with critical details, hardened for best performance. In addition, the locking function has now been improved as the sprint holes are now placed at the rear.

The exact flow capacity of TLX is not limited to a particular level, as it can handle really high flows. The restriction is instead of the machine. Therefore, choose a coupling that is appropriate for the flow generated by the pump. Then the coupling is also able to handle the shock flow that may occur.

plus link.png 5C10X07-6 TLX Quick release coupling