High quality container lock cylinder


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Hydroscand is now launching a new pneumatic flap lock cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder is designed using high quality materials that, along with the custom design, make it durable for use in extreme environments. The container lock cylinder is designed with a metal scraper to eliminate the presence of dirt, ice and other materials that could damage the piston rod seal. The ends are specially treated, which makes them more resistant to road salt. The metal scrapers are made of brass and the piston rod is made of hard-chromed AISI420B with a lock nut in AISI304 material. All materials are carefully selected to minimize the galvanic corrosion that can occur between different materials and alloys. NBR seal and grease have been adjusted based on the temperature range at which the cylinder for container locks should work. The cylinder is also equipped with adjustable cushioned ends and is available in dimensions Ø80 and Ø100. By default, it is available in five lengths of strokes (100, 160, 200, 250 and 320mm) but can also be ordered in other unique diameters and length of strokes.

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Part no. Temperature Diameter mm Length
C63MP2C080A0100GS -20°C Ø80 100
C63MP2C080A0125GS -20°C Ø80 125
C63MP2C080A0160GS -20°C Ø80 160
C63MP2C080A0200GS -20°C Ø80 200
C63MP2C080A0250GS -20°C Ø80 250
C63MP2C080A0320GS -20°C Ø80 320
C63MP2C100A0100GS -20°C Ø100 100
C63MP2C100A0125GS -20°C Ø100 125
C63MP2C100A0160GS -20°C Ø100 160
C63MP2C100A0200GS -20°C Ø100 200
C63MP2C100A0250GS -20°C Ø100 250
C63MP2C100A0320GS -20°C Ø100 320
C63MP2C080A0100ZS -40°C Ø80 100
C63MP2C080A0160ZS -40°C Ø80 160
C63MP2C080A0200ZS -40°C Ø80 200
C63MP2C080A0250ZS -40°C Ø80 250
C63MP2C080A0320ZS -40°C Ø80 320
C63MP2C100A0100ZS -40°C Ø100 100
C63MP2C100A0160ZS -40°C Ø100 160
C63MP2C100A0200ZS -40°C Ø100 200
C63MP2C100A0250ZS -40°C Ø100 250
C63MP2C100A0320ZS -40°C Ø100 320