Hydroscand Special Hoses

At Hydroscand Special Hoses, we meet the increasing demands of specialized products. We produce and assembly customer adapted welded metal hoses, concrete hoses, P.T.F.E. hoses, composite hoses, high pressure hoses for extreme pressures and other hoses where special competence is needed.

Quick deliveries

Since Hydroscand Special Hoses produce everything in place, it provides short lead times and fast deliveries.

Special Production

Hydroscand Special Hoses often work for very specific requests and requirements on how the hoses and fluid components should look like. Together with the customer, we develop CAD- drawings and once they are approved we produce the customized fittings in our CNC lathes and then perform the assembly on the hose.

Licensed welders

All welders, working on Special Hoses are licensed and have extensive experience working with unique solutions.

Unique labeling

All hoses from Hydroscand Special Hoses have a unique identifier which is archived, and makes the supplementary order very simple. All hoses are leakage tested and at customer's requirements, pressure tested and delivered with a pressure test certificate.