Hydroscand finances a better IT environment for students in South Africa


Since 2011, Hydroscand has supported a school and preschool in Appelsbosch, South Africa. The commitment has already resulted in new buildings, renovations and scholarships, awarded to the best pupil or pupils of the departure classes. Now, Hydroscand is supporting the school by financing an improvement of the IT environment for students at Inqolayolwazi Primary School.

Hydroscand's school project in South Africa has already affected the children's study environment and prospects in many ways. But the commitment does not end here. Hydroscand is now supporting the project to improve the environment in the school's computer room.

“We have had problems with the air conditioning in the school's IT room and tried to repair it, without results. After spending money on trying to fix the old one, we decided to buy a new air condition instead, with support from Hydroscand,” says Edna Freese, who, together with Louis Freese, runs a farm in Appelsbosch and is involved in the school project.

Now the air conditioning works fine and the students can be taught in a good working environment. In addition to the air conditioning problem, the school also had a wifi connection that was so weak that only a few computers could be connected at the same time. With support from Hydroscand, the school has upgraded to a better wifi connection with higher speed. This means that all computers can be connected to the internet at the same time, something that of course facilitates learning.