Hydroscand's school project

Hydroscand takes social responsibility in South Africa.

Spring 2011 Hydroscand expanded by starting business in South Africa. While spending time there, Björn Holmström, founder of Hydroscand, together with his wife Kaisa-Lena Holmström took a tour in South Africa where they visited the village Appelsbosch in Kwazulu-Natal and the Inqolayolwazi Primary School. Björn and Kaisa were deeply concerned because the school was much neglected and the classrooms were overcrowded with children. But at the same time, they were surprised by the enthusiasm of the children to be educated.

It turned out that the school was in an awkward situation when the South African government could not afford to build more classrooms while the school could not hire more teachers because they had too few classrooms. Björn then decided that Hydroscand would donate money for building materials to a building with two new classrooms. When the local church heard about the donation they made a collection which was enough to pay for the foundation of a third classroom.

During Björns and Kaisas stay in Appelsbosch they learned to know a couple who ran a sugar cane farm in the village and also volonteered to lead the construction project. The actual work was done by the school children's parents and the farmers in the neighborhood.

Björn says: -It's great that we at Hydroscand can take social responsibility in South Africa and we believe that education is one of the most important parts to get a country to work.

The new school building was much better than the existing ones. In fact it turned out so good that the school ministry funded a minor renovation of the older buildings. The result was three new classrooms which has enabled that all pupils has their own space in class.

Visit the school's website for pictures and info.